Yard Management

The movement of equipment and drivers into and out of your sensitive areas is an important management concern that is usually managed through spreadsheets or some other manual technology process. These systems also do not provide you the capability to track yard jockey movements and allow your associates to request spots and pulls from within the facility. Our Yard Management module is a fully automated solution to manage equipment, drivers and process requests to control all movement.




Access Control

Access to your facilities can be controlled with the Yard Management module. You can track all entry and exit with a simple and streamlined interface to track drivers and equipment. The module will also allow you to add equipment and drivers so that your security personnel can just pick and choose next time that equipment and driver come to the access point. Through our audit log see a comprehensive timeline of movement of equipment and ensure you avoid driver hold accessorials by ageing onsite time of all drivers.

Yard Capacity

See an up to the minute view of the capacity of the equipment at each facility or as an aggregate across all yards. With the Yard Management module you track as many or as few characteristics of the equipment you process in. By tracking the capacity size of each equipment loaded into the yard you can view total capacity you have to make the right decisions on loads going out.

Spot and Pull

The Yard Management module will not only track and control access and give you a view of the capacity, but each associate with the proper permissions can request a pull to any dock at any time. This gives you the flexibility to move equipment up that has capacity when it is time for a FTL or LTL. In addition, the yard jockey can track any and all spots performed so that you can have a comprehensive view of the equipment at one ore multiple facilities.