About Us

ReverseLogix is a full service logistics solutions provider located in the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots starting in software consulting and leadership experience from the largest companies in the world ReverseLogix is a partner you can trust to provide you amazing service and leading edge technology.




Don't just solve, optimize
Logistics is a network of interdependent components that when working at peak efficiency makes real impact to the bottom line. At ReverseLogix we believe that the only way to provide logistics solutions is to be proficient in process, technology and services.

Our Story

Most ERP, Supply chain and logistics software solutions only saw Reverse Logistics as an afterthought. ReverseLogix was born to fill the hole that other software providers left. Our solutions are guided by three core value propositions. Our Technology and Services are formed and developed always by these values.

The solution must be simple.
It must be apparent to anyone using the
technology or performing the service
what has to be done and how it is to be accomplished.

The solution must be flexible.
Your logistics needs will change and the technology and services we provide you must be able to change based on new requirements as your business grows and changes.

The solution must provide visibility. Optimizing your network provides maximum value when you can see, analyze and modify your solutions to meet your needs. Data and analytics must be available in every part of our technology and provided for every service we perform.
Through working with our customers ReverseLogix came to understand that there was a desire in the ecosystem for a company that concentrated on the entire logistics network in both technology and services. Using our consulting roots and solution focused mindset we now provide complete solutions for your logistics needs.